At Home Manicure

Keep your hands looking great with these at-home manicure tips from the Manicurist.

  1. Start by removing old polish. For natural nails, use a nonacetone remover. Try Cutex Essential Care Advanced Nail Polish Remover Pads.
  2. File nails to desired shape. What looks modern now is a shortish nail, straight across the top with rounded edges. File your nails in one direction starting at the edges and moving toward the top.
  3. Soak in soapy water for a few minutes to soften cuticles.
  4. Dot a cuticle cream on the cuticles and rub in. Try Creative Nail Design Sea Therapy Cuticle Eraser.
  5. Use an orange wood stick to push back cuticles. Be sure not to cut your cuticles, which can cause infection and damage the nail.
  6. Massage hands with a hand lotion for extra moisture. Try Creative Nail Design Solar Silk.
  7. Wipe nails with a damp cloth to remove excess oils.
  8. Apply a base coat. Let dry for one minute. Try Creative Nail Design Sticky.
  9. Apply two coats of your favorite color. Always apply polish by starting on the side of the nail. You should be able to cover the nail in three stokes, one on each side and one in the middle.
  10. Apply a top coat. Try Creative Nail Design Speedy. (Remember: If you use a fast-dry top coat, your polish will not last as long.)

Earthly Body Manicure Miracle

Eliminates roughness on your hands by exfoliating dry, scaled skin, including that hard to reach cuticle area. 100% natural, containing 3 types of salt and 14 natural oils.

MAVALA Nail Buffer Kit

A stimulating beauty treatment for your nails! Buffing not only provides an attractive luster but also stimulates blood circulation at the base of the nail which encourages healthy growth.

Therabath II Manicure Kit

For use with Therabath Moisturizing Paraffin Bath. Rejuvenate dry, damaged skin, enhances the skin-moisturizing effects of warm paraffin manicures.

Body Toolz Manicure Kit

6-piece Manicure Kit contains everything you need for the perfect manicure. Contains slant tweezer, gold plated cuticle scissor,cuticle nipper, nail nipper, cuticle pusher and nail file.

Barielle Natural French Manicure Kit

An easy, three-step routine creates a sophisticated, natural French manicure.

Japonesque Manicure Set

Have that fresh-from-the-manicurist look anywhere, anytime with the Manicure Set from Japonesque.

MAVALA Correcteur for Nail Polish

Hurry Up Nail Glue Dryer

ibd 5-Second Dip n' Go Kit

Essie Nail Polish

Essie's Fashion forward colors are always classic, chic and elegant and can be worn "from the bedroom, to the boardroom, to the ballroom." Essie colors are recognized worldwide because they are chip resistant, long lasting, and provide flawless coverage.

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil, .5 fl oz

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil is a soothing massage oil that seals in moisture and hydrates cuticles and nails.

Essie Protein Base Coat, .5 fl oz

Enriches nails using hydrolyzed vegetable proteins to encourage strength and elasiticty

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Tips for Home Manicure
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